MSNBC again schedules counter programming to CNN

MSNBC is at it again — scheduling counter-programming to CNN’s. Last time, MSNBC scheduled a town hall with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, hosted by the Morning Joe crew in primetime, while CNN was airing a two-parter GOP town hall, moderated by Anderson Cooper. And, not really surprisingly, CNN’s event crushed MSNBC’s.

But MSNBC isn’t giving up yet.

As CNN’s Brian Stelter reports in his newsletter, MSNBC “has another boldface name tomorrow: Bernie Sanders. It is promoting ‘Bernie one on one’ tomorrow at 8pm, opposite CNN’s #GOPDebate.”

Meanwhile, Wolf Blitzer will be moderating CNN’s GOP debate, beginning at 8:30 pm.

And although CNN’s Republican debate will annihilate any MSNBC-Bernie Sanders interview, this is the debate that the RNC took away from NBC News and awarded it to CNN — so MSNBC could kind of be justified for countering CNN’s programming.

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