CNN adds a war room in London

In addition to a wide range of promotions under the CNNMoney umbrella (including Richard Quest) and renaming CNN International anchors Maggie Lake’s and Nina Dos Santos’s business shows, CNNMoney is also assembling a war room in London like it has domestically.

According to a Digiday report, CNNMoney is building a 12-person digital war room in the London bureau.

With six people already in place, the publisher is hiring another half dozen or so including writers, multiplatform specialists, a viral news editor and at least one video producer, with more video positions to come — and they’re also recruiting editorial staff for their bureaus in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

Plans for extending the model to the London bureau have been six months in the making, according to O’Keefe. Since its U.S. war room launch, CNNMoney shot from eighth to fourth place in the comScore rankings for business and finance news sites. It’s this success that gave it the confidence the model would work internationally, he added.

“We go where the audience is, and that may mean doing five different versions of the same story for each of the social platforms, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat,” said Ed O’Keefe, vp of CNNMoney and CNN Politics. “We’re fishing in the waters of the areas those audiences are in, and using video or text-based content to them. Now we’re really ramping that up for audiences outside the U.S.”

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