Sometime late last year, Bill Weir taped a comedy pilot

Sometime last year, CNN’s Bill Weir taped a comedy pilot, bizarrely called The Bill Weir Project — called so because, as Weir puts it at the top of his show, “The project is to wade through the news and serve as your trusty, end of the week bullshit detector. I’m pushing the boundaries — I wanna see if they bleep that before they give it to my boss.”

Back in 2014, Weir commented, “Jeff had a need for both studio shows and original series and I had ideas for both. We spent a few months exploring different options but when he said ‘maybe you should just go around the world and go find great stories,’ I became unreasonably excited. Maybe he was trying to get rid of me. Which is totally fine.”

And so The Wonder List came about.

While his show was picked up for a season two and he was in Iceland in July, sometime he taped this Bill Weir Project.

But this video, posted in October 2015 with a live audience, shows Weir doing his best Jon Stewart/Bill Maher act.

Here’s the full video, but knowing CNN will probably pull it… here’s a clip from the beginning:

(H/t MVJR)

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