CNN lays off entire team in Atlanta as part of ‘restructuring’

Deborah Rayner, the SVP of international newsgathering for CNN, broke some painful news to the staffers of the international desk on Monday, according to sources.

According to our sources, the entire international desk based in Atlanta was laid off and encouraged to apply for new jobs and positions. The international desk is tasked with coordinating the network’s newsgathering and to work with its international correspondents.

This move is seen as part of the network’s restructuring, and some of the work is expected to be taken up by employees out of the network’s London and Hong Kong bureaus.

Apparently it had been rumored for some time that when Rayner made the move from the network’s bureau in London to the CNN Center in Atlanta that she had plans to shake things up.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: (10:00am ET) Thirty people are affected by this, including supervisors and desk editors; the last day for them will be March 27. The re-hire announcement is expected to be March 28.

As always, feel free to send me your thoughts if you’re one of the employees affected.

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