Former CNN anchor says she would still be working at CNN, had her contract not been ended

Former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan said she would still be anchoring the news on CNN, had they not decided to drop her contract.

“I traveled the world for them, whether it was going to war, the red carpet, traveling to Africa with Bono for two weeks. Someone had to do it.”

She went on, “So if news was breaking, I was the face that you saw.”

But suddenly, that changed. CNN decided to not renew her. “They came to me and said they weren’t going to renew my contract.”

More than twenty years into a hugely successful career, it was over. Nine years later, in her cozy living, Kagan freely admits, “I loved my job. I’d still be sitting there if they hadn’t kicked me out the door and I haven’t missed it a single second.”

Now, as 11 Alive News reports, she is writing books and is creating “content that’s uplifting and positive.”

(H/t Greta)

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