CNN anchors tear into Ted Cruz’s team over campaign’s lies about CNN

CNN and its anchors are done with the smears that Ted Cruz’s campaign has put out, insinuating that Ben Carson is dropping out of the 2016 presidential race.

This all stems from tweets from CNN’s Chris Moody, a CNN Digital senior political correspondent; Moody said, in a series of tweets, “Carson won’t go to NH/SC, but instead will head home to Florida for some R&R. He’ll be in DC Thursday for the National Prayer Breakfast. Ben Carson’s campaign tells me he plans to stay in the race beyond Iowa no matter what the results are tonight. Folks, Ben Carson is just making a brief stop at home in FL tonight and campaign says he’ll be back on the campaign trail by Wednesday.”

On Wednesday afternoon, anchor Brooke Baldwin had had enough of the smears and fabrications and addressed the controversy on CNN Newsroom. “OK, just so we’re all crystal clear here, when Senator Cruz, with all due respect, tries to throw my network and CNN under the bus, let me stand up for my colleagues and journalists here in terms of this CNN report that he keeps quoting that he believes, you know, what we never said with regard to Dr. Carson’s campaign and going to Florida. Let me be precise, in case this is seen again, we reported it accurately.”

She added, “I’m going to call out BS when I hear BS. And that was BS.”

Later on, anchor Erin Burnett also addressed the controversy with CNN’s media reporter, Dylan Byers.

Following that segment, Anderson Cooper had Cruz’s communication director on AC360, where he pressed, “Senator Cruz keeps saying it all stemmed from a CNN report, which just is not factually correct.”

CNN offered up a strong statement to Brian Stelter, “Senator Cruz’s claims about CNN are false. At no point did the network indicate Dr. Carson would suspend his campaign.”

The statement continued, “The information was reported accurately by CNN across TV and digital.”

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