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No, CNN didn’t plant questions at their town hall

CNN’s Democratic town hall on Monday night, which broke a ratings-record for any primary event excluding debates, raised a few eyebrows by one of the questions directed at former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

When Iowa student Brett Rosengren asked Clinton which past president inspired her, he added, “I can see why they gave you this question.”

Fox News contributor Richard Grenell pounced on that (like he does on anything that can potentially paint CNN in a bad light), and conspiracy theories began to spin out of control, insinuating that CNN had scripted all of the questions and told them what to ask.

In actuality, as Rosengren said, “It was my own question that I had submitted on Saturday night and directed towards any candidate.”

But CNN chose who the question went to, as is their right as the host of the forum.

Rosengren explained, “They chose that candidate to be Clinton.”


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