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CNN turns to love stories

CNN is turning to love stories as part of its new project.

No, not prostitutes from This is Life with Lisa Ling…

As Digiday reports, CNN’s digital side has created Love Story, a “social-first storytelling project” that’s asking people to call a phone number and record their love story.

“There’s something incredibly raw and intimate about listening to someone tell a story about a moment that matters to them,” Masuma Ahuja, a digital producer on CNN’s social publishing team, told Digiday.

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls from people with a wide range of stories, and we’re hearing from people across all ages and demographics,” Ahuja said.

Eventually, the voicemails will also live on a pop-up Valentine’s Day section on in addition to the other social platforms. Love Story is the “first of many” distributed platforms-based projects Ahuja and the team is working on, with more in the future that “tell human stories in a unique way.”

And of course, it has its own Twitter account, @hellolovestory.


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