Ken Cuccinelli blasts Carol Costello: “What a left-wing media you are”

This morning on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, former attorney general of Virginia and Ted Cruz supporter Ken Cuccinelli had had enough of Costello’s questions.

Costello was questioning Cuccinelli repeatedly about Cruz’s policies and how he wasn’t very well-liked by the US Congress.

“So–Ted Cruz will have the ability, somehow, to tell Congress what to do, even though no one gets along with him, and he’s not for executive orders of any kind–except for rescinding those that President Obama has implemented.”

At that point, the the Cruz supporter snapped, “What a left-wing media you are!”

He went on, “Come on. That is total generalization. You really pollute the discussion with things like that.”

Though the segment continued from that point on without any other outbursts, Costello never responded to Cuccinelli’s charge.

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