In exit interview, Rachel Nichols doesn’t rule out working for Jeff Zucker again

Rachel Nichols, who is leaving CNN and returning to ESPN, did an exit interview with the Hollywood Reporter that touched on her time at CNN and about her new show on ESPN, slated to debut in February.

Talking about her Friday show Unguarded, which the network canceled, “Jeff Zucker was incredibly committed. He was willing to try things. I would work for him again down the road. I could not have been happier with how the show turned out. We won a bunch of awards.”

She pointed out that it wasn’t just her show that was canceled; in that same day, the network canceled a slew of genre-specific shows, including Christine Romans’ CNNMoney and Sanjay Gupta’s SGMD. “I think by a lot of measures the show was a real success. It just wasn’t right for CNN. When they shut down Unguarded, that same day they shut down all of the topic-specific news shows. Sanjay Gupta’s health show was shuttered. [Romans’] was shuttered. So it was a larger move.”

“I understood why Jeff made the change. If it had just been our show, I think it would have been a little harder to take, frankly.”

Her new show, NBA: The Jump, will air weekdays on ESPN at 3:30 from Los Angeles.

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