CNN fires off on HuffPo over Comscore tie

In a press release, CNN has come off firing viciously at the Huffington Post. In recent months, CNN Politics has been touting its web success, seemingly nonstop; today, a press release was subtitled ‘HUFFINGTON POST PADS TRAFFIC, FAILS TO MANIPULATE RANKING.’


The release continues, CNN Politics ended the year with a bang, earning 25 million multiplatform unique visitors for the month of December 2015 — the most current data released by comScore. The traffic places CNN Politics in a tie for first in its category with HuffPost Politics, a site that relies on a monthly boost of 6M+ unique visitors from a decidedly non-politics entity titled “Good News.” Deliberately misrepresented by the Huffington Post as politics content for the purpose of comScore traffic rankings, Good News is a hodgepodge of posts about breastfeeding in bars, shelter chihuahuas and a mini donkey with a prosthetic leg. In short, CNN Politics remains the Web’s number one source for actual political news.

CNN maintains that HuffPo’s count, who CNN Politics tied with 25 million multiplatform visitors, is really 6.6 million visitors to its Good News, with the remainder reading its political offerings.

So, shots fired.

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