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Zucker takes Erin Burnett’s studio to throw a party

CNN president Jeff Zucker took Erin Burnett’s studio over for the thirtieth anniversary reunion committee of his Harvard class, NY Daily News reports.

Not surprisingly, that ruffled some feathers, seeing Burnett being moved from her primetime studio to a smaller studio, just so the boss could throw a party.

“There’s room for a desk, chair, anchor and camera,” said a source to the paper, “The stage manager and producers were squeezed in.”

They were relocated from the usual 7th floor studio and pushed into the smaller 5th floor studio.

“Erin had her makeup done of the 7th floor in a room next to her studio,” added the insider, “She could see them prepare for the party while getting her hair done – then she had to go down to the 5th floor to do show live.”

The paper’s source continued, “The makeup room is literally feet away from her studio!”


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