CNN employee sues network for $50mil for racial discrimination

Last month, a report surfaced that producer Ricky Blalock sued his employer, CNN, for compensatory damages of at least $500,000, leveling racial discrimination.

Today, the Daily Mail reports a similar tale, but at a much higher price tag.

Dewayne Walker is suing Turner Broadcasting System, Time Warner Inc., CNN and Turner Services Inc. for $50 million for racial discrimination and claims he was retaliated against for filing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint.

In the court document, Walker alleges that in his thirteen years at the network, he has been snubbed nine times, and he says this is because he is black.

According to the Daily Mail, Walker is a manager for CNN’s Creative Marketing and Public Relations Group; some of his responsibilities also include serving as a producer and a writer for the network, but Walker maintains in the lawsuit that his responsibilities exceed those of white employees who hold the same position.

During his time at CNN, he has won a Peabody and an Emmy award.

His law suit states, “Turner such as CNN has created an employment schematic that requires African-Americans to generally labor three times as long as Caucasians to receive any type of promotion, and even when a promotion is obtained, African-Americans are denied by the proverbial glass ceiling, almost always failing to reach the highest levels of Turner’s Networks. In the 46 year history of Turner Networks, no African-American has ever been promoted or selected to be President of Turning Broadcasting Inc., or oversee any of Turner’s Networks.”

Walker filed his lawsuit December 22, 2015, asking for a trial by jury and no less than $50 million dollars in damages for CNN and Turner’s actions. He also wants costs for attorneys fees to be covered, according to the report.

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  1. “labor three times as long as Caucasians”. Right. The aggrieved clown probably considers showing up on time “laboring”. Fuck him, I hope CNN fires his ass.

  2. Another future Vester Flanagan in the making with this mayate at CNN. “I wants 50 Mill! Theys makes me actually duz works”

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