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Report: Don Lemon is suspended after NYE antics

CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon raised several eyebrows over the holiday weekend for his remarks on CNN during the network’s New Year’s Eve special.

Lemon complimented comedienne and Anderson Cooper’s naughty co-host Kathy Griffin, saying that she had a “nice rack.”

Brooke Baldwin quickly said, “cutting him off” and took his beer away from him, as well as taking the camera away.

Later, Lemon also questioned why a couple would get married, saying “What’s wrong with you?”

But, the damage may already have been done, as FTVLive reports, citing unnamed sources, that Lemon was suspended for his inappropriate behavior.

UPDATE (9pmET): A CNN spokesperson denied FTVLive’s report, adding “there’s no truth to it.”


3 Comments on Report: Don Lemon is suspended after NYE antics

  1. Didn’t they parade her around in a bikini top during the show and ask if she was hotter dressed or undressed?

  2. Kathy & Anderson were great but Brooke and Especially Lemon were a disgrace he had clearly been drinking from the very beginning and even Kathy looked bermused at him during the live links.

    It did appear CNN just let their presenters go on a pub crawl for 4 hours there was another woman who said she got thrown out of a bar and it was the running gag all night.

    I love the Kathy & Anderson new year’s eve but I feel this could be the last new year’s eve that CNN do like this, I think it will be all change this year.

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