Georgia deputies fatally shoot CNN security guard

48-year-old Bobby Daniels was shot and killed by Douglass County deputies on Monday night. Daniels went to try to de-eseclate his son, who was reportedly having an emotional breakdown.

Daniels was a Navy veteran and was employed by CNN in the Atlanta headquarters as a security guard.

Bias Daniels had a hostage and a gun, and Daniels finally managed to get his son to put the gun on the hood of a car; when the deputies attempted to use a stun gun on Bias, and he went for the gun, his father did too, but Daniels’ family maintains that he only did so in an attempt to keep his son from getting the weapon.

“Bobby came for the purpose of calming his son down, he arrived before even the police,” said Chris Stewart, a civil rights attorney representing the Daniels family. “His son pointed the weapon at Bobby, and forced him to sit back into the car, and that’s when the police arrived with their weapons drawn.”

“My husband would never ever take a gun and point it at an officer,” Cynthia Daniels, the slain man’s wife, said through thick tears during a news conference on Wednesday afternoon. “He would never do that.”

“We want them to acknowledge the truth, Stewart said. “Mistakes happen. They shot Bobby, and he shouldn’t have been shot. Acknowledge that. But don’t tell this family who is grieving that this man picked up a gun and pointed it at the officers. It’s just disrespectful.”

(H/t Washington Post)

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