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CNN renews relationship with CNN-IBN after saying it was over

In June, it was reported that CNN was ending its licensing agreement with India’s TV18, which was known as CNN-IBN. Their contract was set to expire at the beginning of 2016.

But now, reports THR, the two have reached a new agreement and have renewed their relationship.

CNN chief commercial officer Rani Raad told THR, “We are bound by contractual confidentiality and are not in a position to share [the] details of our agreement, but let’s be clear, it is not a short-term-agreement.”

“The agreement remains the same two-fold, brand licensing and content sharing partnership,” said Raad, adding: “In this second term, CNN and TV18 will forge a much closer working relationship to enable CNN-IBN’s globally-savvy viewers to stay ahead. There is renewed interest and commitment from both sides.”


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