Guest attacks CNN for breaking agreement

Pat Brown, a criminal profiler, appeared on New Day for an interview with anchor Christi Paul. At the top of the segment, Paul tried to begin a discussion on Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear’s possible anti-government views.

Brown objected to Paul’s line of questioning. “Well, I’m a little disturbed because I made an agreement with CNN to appear this morning only under the condition that we do not talk about the particular shooter, use his name, or show his face.”

She added, “Not to talk about the particular mass murderer. I do not do that. I took a stand three years ago not to talk about individual mass murderers because I believe we in the media are increasing the number of mass murders. It has tripled in the last decade and it’s my belief that the notoriety we give them does this.”

Paul acknowledged her view, saying, “Okay, and I understand that. And I respect your views on that, surely. But we certainly can talk about the investigation into what is happening, can we not?”

“No, we cannot. I specifically said I will only come on if we don’t talk about this individual mass murderer,” Brown objected flatly.

After the abrupt end to the segment, co-anchor Victor Blackwell said, “Let’s be clear, and let me read from the e-mail from Pat Brown. Here’s the quote. Is my segment free of any photo or name of the mass murderer? That segment did not have any photograph nor use the name of the suspect and we held to that agreement.”

And, to an extent, he’s correct. They never said Dear’s name or showed a picture during the segment; however, his name did appear in the chyron.

(H/t Newsbusters)

2 thoughts on “Guest attacks CNN for breaking agreement

  1. Ms. Brown’s position is commendable for the most part.

    But I do think she failed to make it clear to CNN what her precise ground rules were. I also think she could have been a little more polite about her on-camera objections to Christi Paul. But that’s never been Pam Brown’s strong suit.

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