Glenn Greenwald attacks CNN, on CNN

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who a few days ago attacked CNN International anchors John Vause and Isha Sesay for their ‘despicable’ interview with activist Yasser Louati, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday with host Brian Stelter, and he attacked CNN — on CNN.

Not only did he again go after Vause and Sesay, he criticized CNN for its decision to to suspend CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott, while praising White House correspondent Jim Acosta for asking why Americans don’t take out the ISIS “bastards”.

Stelter attempted to defend CNN, as well as Vause and Sesay. “Aren’t you cherry-picking here a little bit — aren’t you cherry-picking from 24 hours of television coverage?”

But Greenwald wasn’t having it. “Brian, CNN has had […] zero push-back, zero questioning; a CNN reporter stood up in President Obama’s press conference and said ‘why can’t we take these bastards out,’ essentially pressing the president toward war in Syria. This is the kind of opinionating that comes forth from CNN all the time, that is never sanctioned, never punished.”

He later said in defense of Labott, “It’s appropriate for Elise Labott to go onto Twitter speak critically, in the mildest way, about the US Congress, and stand up for the most marginalized people: the Syrian refugees.”

“So you’re saying all opinion — let’s hear all opinion,” Stelter concluded.

“Labott gets punished, but the two CNN anchors and Jim Acosta and all kinds of CNN anchors who speak critically of Muslims aren’t punished, and the message that sent is […] you’re not free to defend Muslims.”

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