Glenn Greenwald attacks ‘despicable’ CNN anchors

Journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared on Democracy Now! and attacked CNN International anchors John Vause and Isha Sesay, who attempted to urge a Muslim activist against Islamophobia to condemn the Paris attacks.

After the segment aired Sunday morning, firing petitions sprung up.

Vause pressed activist Yasser Louati, “What is responsibility within the Muslim community to identify what is happening within its own ranks when it comes to people who are obviously training and preparing to carry out mass murder?”

Greenwald said on Democracy Now, ““Honestly that interview is so despicable that it almost leaves me speechless.”

He added, “It’s still hard to believe that any human beings, let alone people calling themselves journalists, would say any of the horrific things they said.”

He also pointed out that cable news networks benefit from wars, because networks “win awards as part of their career,” and thus, “journalists are hungry for war.”

(H/t The Wrap)

2 replies

  1. The text of this article is a very truncated depiction of what happened. You’ll have to watch the video to understand. The text leaves you thinking that Greenwald simply condemned the question asked by Vause and Sesay. Which in itself could be interpreted as a naive interrogation. The fact is Vause and Sesay went on stating that people within the “Muslim community” knew about it and did nothing to stop it. They also, after cutting Louati out, went on a damning conversation saying they haven’t heard of any condemnation from the muslim community (which is absolutely false as Greenwald point out) and that this community bears a “responsibility” it can’t “shirk”.

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