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Don Lemon: I’m not a provocateur; I’m a journalist

CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon answered some very candid questions from the New York Time magazine, touching on some of his recent controversies, including Lemon calling for more facts before jumping to any conclusions in the Spring Valley high school incident. (Subsequently, a petition to fire him sprung up).

Defending his journalistic bonafides, Lemon explained his decision. “If you look at the segment, I said it was horrible and that there does not seem to be any justification for what the police officer is doing. I said that I wanted more information. I want to know about his history, I want to know what precipitated it, I want to know what the school is like, I want to know if he’s done it before. That’s what a journalist does.”

Again defending his journalistic bonafides, he said, “No one asks Jake Tapper or Wolf Blitzer to be the spokesperson for any particular group. I’m not an advocate or an activist. I’m a journalist.”

“I am not setting out to be a provocateur,” he added at one point.

If Lemon could ask himself one question, it would be: “Why on earth would anyone want to do this job” as a television anchor.

(H/t New York Time magazine)


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