There’s a call on RNC to rethink CNN’s upcoming GOP debate

There’s a call, pushed by Breitbart News, for the Republican National Committee to “seriously rethink” CNN’s upcoming GOP debate, moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, with questions from conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt.

Citing a quote by CNN anchor Carol Costello as evidence for taking the debate away, Costello said, “It appeared to me the moderators didn’t ask very challenging questions [at the Fox Business debate].”

Breitbart’s John Nolte writes, “If CNN is already attacking what was a superb and informative Fox Business debate, this should raise all kinds of alarm bells about what our candidates might face from a left-wing news network that saw an objectively fair, tough, and mature debate as something else.”

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  1. Once again this woman shows her bias, and to the detriment of CNN, her dumbness. Time to skip these guys before Wolf asks Trump if her ever had bad intentions toward Kitty Dukakis.

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