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CNN shutters iReport, replaces it with a hashtag

CNN’s citizen journalism route, CNN iReport, where users can submit video and photos to the site, has been discontinued, reports Digi Day. In its place, users will utilize social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, specifically) and use the hashtag #CNNiReport.

CNN’s head of social media, Samantha Barry, told Digi Day, “The difference between now and when iReport launched is that 10 years ago, there weren’t as many places for people to push out what they’ve seen,” she said. “Now, there’s a multitude of places, so we’ve had to strategize how we get the best stories and add value to the content we’re already doing.”

“As social media’s influence rises and CNN’s presence there rises, there’s been an inverse effect with iReport declining,” said CNN Digital’s editor-in-chief Meredith Artley. “But it’s still a critical brand and a simple way for the audience to tell stories.”

(H/t Johnny Dollar)


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