Amanpour. begins CNN simulcast

Amanpour., CNN International’s flagship interview program, has recently begun to air on CNN Domestic at 2am, preempting the first half-hour of CNN Newsroom with Errol Barnett and Rosemary Church.

The interview program is hosted by CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour and comes from the network’s London bureau.

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  1. Dear Christine, I am a very found follower of yours for years (on top I am born 8th Jan 1958!) , but for the first time ever i was very disappointed today on your report on the immigration issue to Europe! Why is nothing mentioned about why neighboring countries in the Middle East do not receive and open up camps for the refugees from the war torn Syria? There are a number of wealthy Arab countries closer to Syria than Europe that could easily assist with this situation. On top most of the Syrians would be in a likeminded world!
    Best regards,

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