HLN’s Nancy Grace now has a cooking show

HLN anchor Nancy Grace has been anchoring her primetime crime show for years now — and now, the network has given her an online cooking show, debuting today on HLNtv.com.

The web series can be found here on HLN’s site.

Grace isn’t aiming to be the next Martha Stewart. She told Vanity Fair, “She was showing me how to make some sort of pie, and she was pinching hers around the corner and it was, of course, perfect. Mine looked like a monster pie, it was all Frankenstein-y.”

“It’s such a new and joyous thing for me,” she said, “because my whole life has been about murder and crime and stopping thugs and trying cases. For so long my whole life—I couldn’t try one case fast enough before the next one, to put that guy away, and that guy, and that guy, and that made me feel better. So I’ve never had this joy before.”

The series has 6 episodes.

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