CNN’s Christiane Amanpour awarded TV personality of the year

CNN International anchor Christiane Amanpour was awarded TV personality of the year at last night’s 11th annual Association of International Broadcasting award show.

Amanpour’s colleague, CNN anchor Hala Gorani, was this year’s host of the AIB.

Former CNN host Larry King was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with CNN.

Simon Spanswick, chief executive of the AIB, said of King, “In recognition of his remarkable career on radio and television, and his extraordinary impact on the news industry, the Association for International Broadcasting is honoured to welcome Larry to London to present him with our inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.”

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  1. I was listening to C. Amanpour on PBS, and then realize she’s a far left-wing ideologue. PBS should especially be non-bias, since it’s public TV. Should remove her from that station, especially because of her bias against President Trump. Trump should cut all federal funding to the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting), which airs PBS TV, because of bias reporting. The news should be neutral on any government funded TV, and not be used to influence voters.

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