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Larry King and Piers Morgan continue their feud over CNN’s 9pm slot

Piers Morgan may not have been on CNN’s air since early 2014, but that hasn’t stopped he and the man he replaced, Larry King, from re-litigating the past every few months, both on Twitter and in public.

At an event hosted by broadcaster RT called An Evening With Larry King, the veteran interviewer was asked why he thought Morgan was not as successful as he was, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

King responded, “My problem with Piers was, nothing personal, but he was the antithesis of what I was…it was all about him. So he used the word ‘I’ a lot. So when I was asked, I’m honest, I was asked, I said ‘look, I like him personally, but that’s not my type of show’. I don’t berate guests and I don’t make it about me. The guest isn’t a prop. I didn’t enjoy that.”

He went on, “And I would say that about any host who I felt didn’t serve his audience well. And I think Piers did not do that. I didn’t like that type of interview. I understand he’s back in London now.”

And, Morgan is back in London now — he has since joined ITV’s Good Morning Britain as a cohost.

Not willing to let things go, Morgan blasted back at King on Twitter:


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