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CNN launches a daily Reliable Sources newsletter

Slated to launch this afternoon, the Sunday media program Reliable Sources will now be daily — in the form of an e-mail newsletter, led by CNN host Brian Stelter and senior media/politics reporter, Dylan Byers, to keep you up on “the latest in media.”

Boldly, the site proclaims, “Big personalities. Big controversies. Big exclusives.”

You can click here to subscribe to the newsletter.

Earlier this year, CNN Politics launched its own newsletter, Nightcap, “a summary of the day in politics.”


2 Comments on CNN launches a daily Reliable Sources newsletter

  1. Given the direction Stelter’s show has taken, it’s probably just a reprint of MEDIA MATTERS.

  2. Dear Briian,

    Collectively, you are doing a great job revealing reality! Trump is what Winston Churchill described in his great book, ‘The Gathering Storm’ in which he describes the horrifying rise of Adolph Hitler and the advent of WWII. My wife and I perceived the rise of this version of ‘The Gathering Storm’ years ago when we realized we could no longer live in America. We were, in a word, prescient in moving to Europe where truth can still breathe. We cannot wait until CNN’s Joe Johns restores calm, equanimity, and dignity to the office of office of Press Secretary and Trump is, quite simply, gone.

    With sincere gratitude,

    David Peevers

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