CNN’s post-debate coverage attracted 1.1 million viewers

CNBC’s Republican debate, which was undeniably horribly-conducted by CNBC’s team of moderators (Betty Quick, John Harwood and Carl Quintanilla), topped out at 14 million viewers.

CNN’s post-debate analysis coverage, led by Anderson Cooper, had 1,109,000 total viewers at 10pm and 1,040,000 total viewers at 11pm; in the demo, Cooper had 305,000 demo viewers for the first hour and 361,000 for the second hour, according to Nielsen.

At least one former CNN primetime anchor turned away from CNN’s post-game show last night, instead going for Fox News’ coverage.

FNC had 559,000 demo viewers in the 10pm hour, led by conservative host Sean Hannity; in the 11pm hour, Bill O’Reilly led cable news with 712,000 demo viewers (and 3,159,000 total viewers).

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