HLN to begin to promote Robin Meade in local ads and billboards

According to a report out from Variety, HLN is going to begin to promote its morning ratings star, HLN anchor Robin Meade. “A new marketing effort will tout the anchor in local ads and on billboards in various cities, first in Cleveland and Atlanta, and then spread out to other cities in 2016,” reports Variety, going off of what HLN boss Albie Hecht told them.

“The anchor is likely to go on the road to visit markets where HLN wants to raise her profile, he said, and HLN will play up the fact that she is not based in New York City, where all the other national sunrise programs perch.”

Hecht (wisely) told Variety that his mission is to give Meade more resources to build a better show — without getting in her way. “She’s an engine that has been running, and you don’t want to screw with that.”

Zucker told Variety something similar to what a source leaked to us last year. He said, “Watch Robin for two minutes and you’re hooked. She is one of the best morning personalities, period.”

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