Great Big Story is funded by CNN, yet separate from CNN

Great Big Story, CNN’s response to Vice and Buzzfeed, officially launched today, following reports about its debut.

GBS is funded completely by Turner Broadcasting and CNN, yet exists independent from CNN’s offices in the Time Warner Center. Instead, it is headquartered with its 30 employees about three miles away near Union Square, and rather than marked by the red letters of CNN, is marked by a red rocket ship; great big storyand in a press release, GBS described its relationship with CNN as “a sugar daddy we see on the weekends.”

Rather than morph CNN in to something it wasn’t, Chris Berend, CNN’s vice president for video development and Andrew Morse, CNN Domestic’s executive vice president and general manager of CNN Digital, decided they could be more competitive if they created something that wasn’t tied to the CNN brand.

“There’s a temptation to bend yourself into a pretzel and try to do that,” Morse tells Fast Company. “CNN oughta be CNN.”

GBS is expected to release three to five non-fiction videos per day.

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