CNN’s Democratic debate preliminary ratings indicate record

Preliminary ratings for last night’s Democratic debate, moderated by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, indicate that it has set a Democratic debate record. Although final ratings won’t come until later, preliminary ratings from Nielsen put the debate at an 11.2 household rating, indicating that 11% of Americans with TVs were tuned into the debate, reports CNNMoney.

The previous record for a Democratic debate was on ABC in 2008 between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and that contest garnered an 8.9 household rating, which translated into 10.7 million total viewers.

CNN’s live stream of the Democratic debate had 980,000 concurrent streamers, which was about 60,000 more than the stream for the GOP debate.

CNN’s GOP debate had a 14.7 household rating, which translated into 22.9 million viewers.

UPDATE: The debate brought in a record-breaking 15.3 million viewers.

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  1. i think andsaw that the debate was set up to be one side or as it showed for fact that the ways it had been discussed by anderson cooper asking the questions he favoured hillery and the other man next to her..given the other men less times to speak and be asked questions so they might have a chance to answer as the favourate candidates had their open chances to again advertise their potentuals being a president and nothing more .anderson failed the dam debate.bernie sanders and hillery control the debate because anderson favoured then….and i beleave sanders and hillery had prechose the debate to favour them two…
    i shall never vote for a woman whos been secretive and manipualtive in her past and shown as well she is yet a manipulator of the public…hillery never took the debate because i will vote for one of the other republican candidate

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