Rush Limbaugh attacks Anderson Cooper for not wanting an aggressive debate

With the Republicans, moderator and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper wanted the candidates to really go at it and actually debate, as opposed to more of an interview-styled discussion, like Fox News conducted with the first debate. The Democratic debate moderator, primetime anchor Anderson Cooper, however, has said that “it’s not my job in this kind of debate to try and force anything.”

He went on to say in an interview Sunday on Reliable Sources, “Going into the Republican debates, you pretty much knew there were a number of candidates who were willing to [attack each other].” He added, “That’s not the case, so far as we’ve seen, on the Democratic side.”

“I’m always uncomfortable with that notion of setting people up in order to kind of promote some sort of a face off,” which is exactly what happened during Tapper’s debate.

But conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh didn’t buy that.

Limbaugh blasted, “So it’s Anderson Cooper who’s just out front here saying, sorry, we’re not gonna do that, we’re not gonna pit these people against each other… [They] certainly don’t think they have to be critical of people on their own side for credibility, which, sadly, is what many Republicans still believe. That the only way you can be credible as a Republican or as a conservative media person is to be critical of your own team. That proves that you’re not biased. That proves you are not afraid to criticize your own people. Except it never happens on the left. CNN would never, ever, do anything. Now, the candidates might, but CNN’s not gonna do anything to make any of these people look bad. They rally the troops. They circle the wagons. They do everything they can to protect.”

(H/t Bizpac Review)

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