Anderson Cooper may be “laughing stock” after tonight’s debate

Anderson Cooper is getting it from all angles today.

Many media columnists have been complaining (as noted here) that State of the Union anchor Jake Tapper would have been a better choice as moderator.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has blasted Cooper’s non-confrontational debate plans, contrasting it with Tapper’s aggressive questioning, pitting the candidates against one another. “CNN’s not gonna do anything to make any of these people look bad. They rally the troops. They circle the wagons. They do everything they can to protect.”

Matt Drudge, influential editor of the aggregation site the Drudge Report, tweeted that Cooper is in danger of being a “laughing stock” after tonight’s debate:

Obviously, that is something CNN desperately wants to avoid — while Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly’s ratings soared after her debate performance and CNN’s Tapper got more publicity after his performance… is there a chance Cooper will, too?


(H/t Washington Examiner)

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