Anderson Cooper plans on incorporating his panelists more in the debate

In what may or may not be a dig at how Jake Tapper ran his first debate, with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt and political correspondent Dana Bash asking only a few questions, CNN Democratic debate moderator Anderson Cooper told The Huffington Post he’d like to incorporate the debate panelists more, noting that “bouncing back and forth between questioners gives some energy and some different perspectives.”

Just what everyone wants — more Don Lemon.

While Tapper publicly stated he wanted the candidates to go at each other, Cooper seems to be taking a different approach. “Often there’s a different dynamic when people are next to each other on a stage and you have some candidates people don’t really know. Do they choose to use this opportunity to kind of make a name for themselves by going after some of the leading candidates? That’s a possibility … As a moderator, it’s not my job in this kind of debate to try and force anything.”

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