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Piers Morgan nears job stability once more

Dropped CNN host Piers Morgan may be close to job stability once more. Although he’s been gone from CNN for well over a year, Morgan has finally managed to land his next gig that will allow him to eat plentifully once again.

In the past spring, Morgan was filling in on Good Morning Britain in a move that was said to be “testing the water” — and viewership on ITV ticked up by 50,000 viewers when the controversial newsman was filling in.

Today, reports The Guardian, Morgan is “close” to finalizing a deal to put him in the co-host seat on a regular basis.

An ITV spokesman said, “We hope to have Piers back on the GMB sofa soon but nothing is confirmed at this time.”

Additionally, Morgan also today signed a contract extension with the tabloid magazine Daily Mail. Of it, he said, “It’s been an exhilarating experience to see my columns debated on social media from Baltimore to Beijing, often attracting a bigger audience than I enjoyed at CNN,” he added, “I look forward to two more years of stimulating debate over issues as diverse as the US presidential election and the Syrian war, to Cecil the Lion and Kim Kardashian’s torso.”


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