Jake Tapper talks candidly about not getting to do Democratic debate

Yesterday, I wrote my thoughts about the chatter that Jake Tapper had been sidelined from CNN’s Democratic debate of Anderson Cooper and company, and dismissed it as all ridiculous.

And yesterday, Tapper appeared on Don Imus’ radio show, and for the most part, dismissed it, too.

Imus pointed out it had been awhile since Tapper had been on his program, because CNN and Fox don’t get along. Tapper said he didn’t have a problem coming on the program, but Imus said, “Well, the people at Fox hate CNN.”

“Now we’re going to have the Democratic debate — with uh, Don Lemon, and, uh…”

“Anderson, yeah.”

When Imus asked why he wasn’t participating in this one, Tapper explained, “Just to spread the wealth. Lot of people at CNN, lot of anchors, lot of people want to do debates — you know, Anderson and Wolf have been doing them at CNN for a long, long time. I was psyched I go to do one, much less the first one.”

“How do you feel about being excluded?”

Tapper laughed. “I don’t think of it that way. I think of it more like, I got to do one, now Anderson gets to do one… I do think I’m glad I got to do the Republican one, because I thought, it was a lot more fun than the Democratic race has been so far. I think Anderson is awesome and he’ll do a fantastic job.”

Imus pressed: “How about Don Lemon? I kinda like, but he’s goofy – I noticed you didn’t say anything about him.”

“He’s a unique, he’s great, unique voice — I think he’s mainly going to be doing Facebook questions…” He trailed off. “Don’s, y’know, Don’s Don.”

You can click here to listen to the full podcast.

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