Come on – Jake Tapper was not ‘benched’ from Democratic debate

Across numerous media publications, I’ve read a rather surprising narrative. Following the announcement that CNN’s debate team for the October 13 Democratic debate will be composed of moderator Anderson Cooper, with assistance from Dana Bash, Don Lemon, and CNNE’s Juan Carlos Lopez, there has been talk that Jake Tapper has been ‘benched’ from the debate.

CNN’s kiddie-table debate drew in 6.3 million viewers; the primetime debate had a CNN-record of 22.9 million viewers. So any notion that Tapper is being benched is simply ridiculous.

CNN isn’t like other networks. They have a very large group of possible moderators: Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash, John King, Jim Sciutto — just to name a few.

So, to say that, as Mediaite’s Joe Concha did, that Tapper has been benched in favor of Cooper and Lemon is ridiculous.

The Cable Game blog further insists that Tapper’s being replaced. This is CNN: they have plenty of capable people who can moderate the debate.

This is not Cooper’s first debate, people…

The Independent Journal also has a jaw-dropping headline, again seemingly ignoring the fact CNN is a network with many talented anchors: There’s a glaring omission in the moderator list for CNN’s Democratic presidential debate.

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