Nancy Grace moves to live slot at 3pm, replay at 8pm

Nancy Grace is going to be airing live now at 3pm, as it has done so far this week, according to a source. Calling it “as permanent as anything at HLN,” the source pointed out that Grace’s show from the previous day had been airing in the afternoon of the following day.

But now, Grace will air live at 3pm, and her show will repeat at 8pm in primetime on HLN.

An on-air personality who regularly appears on Grace’s HLN program also confirmed the change.

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  1. I’d put her up against Greta O’Van Susteren. Really don’t care for either one, but Grace ate O’Van Sustern’s lunch in Aruba. And, it would give homebound women a choice when O’Van Sustern has John Bolton on. Again. And, again.

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