Trump campaign recommends someone for CNN to hire; CNN hires him

Jeffrey Lord joined CNN back in August as a political commentator, doing hits to defend GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

In a must-read piece by Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, however, Lord explains just how he (thinks) got hired.

According to Wemple’s account, either Trump or a staffer complained to CNN that CNN featured Jeb Bush friendly-analysis and that they should seek someone to offer Trump-friendly analysis. So then, the Trump campaign recommended Jeffrey Lord — and the rest is history.

Asked if he actually likes Trump, he replied, “Oh yeah, if my heart weren’t in it, I wouldn’t do it. I genuinely like him. I think he’s terrific. I think he’s a good human being.”

But, and this may be the most interesting tidbit, Lord’s contract with the network only runs through December 31 — and, as Wemple rightly asks, could this mean Zucker thinks Trump’s facade of running for president will be over by then? Lord denies that, “No.”

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  1. Jeffrey Lord is the perfect person to be a Trump advocate/defender. He makes about as much sense as does Donald Trump. He laughs a lot, has hair that I’m sure Donald Trump would divorce his wife for and only has said Donald is a “nice guy.” I hope you guys are not paying him too much. Is he hoping to be made Press Secretary in the new Administration? Why didn’t you give “Diamond & Silk” a chance to take his place maybe just once a week? Let us black people speak up for him. Black Voices Matter Too !!! 🙂

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