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Donald Trump: CNN’s Sara Murray is an “absolutely horrible reporter”

This morning, Donald Trump did a live interview with New Day‘s Alisyn Camerota, and he wasn’t very complimentary towards CNN political reporter Sara Murray, though never mentioning her by name, and complained about her “disgusting” reporting.

Upset by Murray’s reporting on his event, he said, “Half of the seats in the back were empty because everyone was standing — she starts off, the CNN reporter, an absolutely horrible reporter… Oh, look, the room’s half empty; the room wasn’t half empty, everyone was standing right next to me in the front of the room — listen, you can tell [CNN Worldwide president] Jeff Zucker, I think it was terrible and disgusting reporting.”

Camerota pushed back, “Listen, that wasn’t what I heard her say.”

Editor’s note: Yesterday, I incorrectly attributed Trump’s remarks to having been about CNN’s Sara Murray, who was also covering Trump. Trump was actually attacking Randi Kaye.


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