CNN hypes launch of CNN Newsroom LA

CNN is hyping up CNN Newsroom: Live from Los Angeles, which will launch this Monday, midnight ET (12pm HKT). Already, CNN has been running a promo featuring co-anchor John Vause, but now, they have a separate promo, featuring his co-anchor Isha Sesay along with himself.

In the new promo, it touts their individual experiences.

Says Sesay, “On this show, live from LA, we’re going to get out, we’re going to get up close and personal–”

“LA’s gonna be great. This is an important part of the world,” Vause concurs.

“John and I have both reported from different places.”

“I’m the China guy,” he says, having served as a senior international correspondent based in both Beijing and also Jerusalem. “I’m the mid-east guy.”

“I’m drawn to stories from the developing world, involving women and minorities.”

Vause chuckles, “Between the two of us, we’re gonna have the world pretty much covered.”

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