Jake Tapper: “I could have gone another hour”

Today on-air, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer mentioned the criticism that CNN’s Republican debate got that the debate ran a little too long to the debate’s moderator, Jake Tapper. (The undercard debate went from a little after 6 until 7:45; the main event went from 8:15 to 11:15).

Tapper, however, pointed out that the decision was not his own. “That was a decision made by my boss, and yours, [CNN Worldwide President] Jeff Zucker,” Tapper said. “So it’s not one I would second-guess.”

He acknowledged they didn’t get to cover all the ground he would have liked to, and conceded he wouldn’t have minded another hour. “There were a number of issues that I wanted to get to, that I had questions for that we didn’t get to: veterans’ affairs, Black Lives Matter, police, education, trade,” Tapper said. “We let people go back and forth if we thought it was good so some of those questions fell by the wayside. The truth is I could have gone another hour, but I don’t think the viewers would have stuck with us.”

Center stager Donald Trump tweeted before the debate even began that CNN is “milking” the debate for almost three hours.

(H/t Talking Points Memo)

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