Despite being an hour longer, CNN moderators spoke less than Fox moderators

Smart Politics calculated the time that the CNN team, made up of moderator Jake Tapper and panelists Dana Bash and Hugh Hewitt, spoke at the debate last night, compared to the amount of time that the Fox team, made up of Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and Megyn Kelly, spoke during the first debate.

According to Smart Politics, Tapper, Bash, and Hewitt spoke for a combined 25 minutes and 7 seconds, or 15.2% of the total debate time.

Meanwhile, the first debate team over at Fox spoke for 31 minutes and 53 seconds, or 31.7% of the debate.

And, keep in mind: CNN’s debate lasted three hours. Fox’s lasted only two hours…

Tapper said he wanted a real debate, which would obviously mean less intervention from the moderators. And, judging by the break down, it seems he did his best to achieve that.

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  1. A debate to me is not having a moderator incite the candidates with incendiary comments supposedly made by one candidate about the other. it turned this debate into a food fight. Note that many times candidates corrected Tapper as to what he attributed to them. I wonder if CNN hosts a democrat debate if they will use the same format….just saying

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