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Dylan Byers joins CNNMoney and CNN Politics

Another big move from Politico to CNN: Politico’s media reporter, Dylan Byers, is joining the CNN media gang, as reported by Brian Stelter.

His first day on the job at CNN is September 14, and he will serve as CNN’s senior reporter for media and politics, covering the intersection of the two increasingly-connected worlds.

He will also contribute to Stelter’s Sunday show, Reliable Sources.

Lex Haris and Rachel Smolkin said in a joint statement: “Dylan comes to us from Politico where he distinguished himself as a fearless reporter on all things media, willing to take on political figures and media organizations. He’s fast, provocative — and makes news that people want to talk about.”


3 Comments on Dylan Byers joins CNNMoney and CNN Politics

  1. And who would be CNN’s junior reporter for media and politics? [hint: all CNN Titles include “Senior”]

  2. He does have the bias for the job.

    Maybe they should steal Folkenflik from NPR and corner the market on FOX-hating media reporters.

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