CNN Philippines prepares to launch new shows

CNN Philippines, which launched in May, has slated 5 new shows to air in the coming weeks under the umbrella of CNN Philippines Lifestyle.

The first show, which debuted last Saturday, is called Bogart Case Files: On The Job, and according to the network, he will try out odd jobs, such as those who clean car windows even to unwilling customers. (Sounds familiar, right?)

The next show is a weekday talkshow, The Talk, slated for premiere in September. As touted by CNNP, it is a new venue where women can truly and freely express their opinions and have their voices heard, and who better to host this unique show than three women who have made their marks in their respective fields. It will be co-hosted by architect-beauty queen Shamcey Supsup-Lee, Olympic athlete-TV host Christine Jacob-Sandejas, and comedienne-host Giselle Sanchez.

On September 13, CNNP will unveil Leading Women (the same show which airs on CNN International, though with a different host) at 7pm, hosted by Angel Jacob. It is a profile documentary series that will let Filipinos into the stories of the country’s most influential women who are recognized locally and abroad because of their thriving careers in the academe, business, culinary arts, creative arts, and politics.

The third season of What I See will premiere on September 19 at 7pm. Accompany Paco Guerrero as he travels the country and captures its places and people in their most beautiful angle.

And lastly, sometime in October, CNNP will add a late night TV show called Boys Off The Record hosted by entertaining radio jocks Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni; aside from typical sit-down interviews, they will also welcome their special guests though special games and icebreakers.

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