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Fact check: Trump claims red-dress CNN reporter complimented him

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, GOP hopeful Donald Trump made a statement that is a little difficult to believe. He claimed: “A lot of the pundits have come a long way. In fact yesterday, at the speech — and I was very proud, because the CNN reporter said it was the single greatest political speech she’s ever heard, which was very nice as far as I was concerned.”

When the Morning Joe team wanted specifics, Trump deflected, “I don’t know her name, but she was wearing a beautiful red dress. She looked good to me. Anybody that says that looks good to me.”

According to Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, however, that’s not possible. A CNN spokesperson told him that none of CNN’s personalities “commented to Trump about his speech — or, indeed, had any direct interaction with him.”

Further, Wemple points out the two reporters assigned to cover the speech MJ Lee and Sara Murray, were wearing a purple and dark blue outfit, respectively.


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