“Coverage that does CNN proud”

As David Zurawik, the media critic for the Baltimore Sun, put it in a post today, CNN found some Baltimore coverage “that does [them] proud.”

CNN weekend anchor Victor Blackwell was reporting from the West Baltimore neighborhood where he grew up in April; and today, the network posted a followup video, with Blackwell following up on three high school students that he interviewed back then, who had expressed that they may never get out of Baltimore.

It turns out, Edison Jackson, president of Bethune-Cookman University, saw Blackwell’s original interview with the three teens in which they talked about their sense that they might never get out of West Baltimore, and the school official decided to do something about it.

He invited the three Baltimore students to the Florida school and offered them admission and scholarships that would cover all expenses beyond those not paid by federal grants.

Zurawik ended his praise column with “It’s a great story, and all praise to Blackwell and CNN for telling it in a such a way that it would touch viewers like the president of Bethune-Cookman.”

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