Jake Tapper chats with fellow debate questioner Hugh Hewitt on CNN’s GOP debate

Speaking on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Jake Tapper discussed the GOP debate at the Reagan Library on September 16, which Tapper will be moderating (Hewitt will be asking questions as well).

As CNN mentioned in its press release, the debates will be broken into two categories. One category will have those polling in the top ten; the other group will have the lesser candidates who are polling at at least one percent.

Unlike the Fox News debate, however, both debates will be moderated by the same moderating team, and the debates will be back-to-back.

Via the transcript:

HH: Let’s talk about the debate. CNN announced [the invitees] today. How’s the reaction to them?

JT: Great. I mean, my understanding is that as of now, Nancy Reagan has invited sixteen candidates who have made the cut as of know in terms of polls. And we’ll be having a couple different debates at the Reagan Museum and Library. And I haven’t heard any blowback at all, Hugh.

HH: No, it means Jim Gilmore is probably not being invited in and Jim might be upset, but that’s the only thing I might imagine. I also – this is different – they’re gonna go back-to-back. CNN is going to run these back-to-back with you and me and the other participants all there sort of standing around and shuffling in and off of the stage.

JT: Yeah, and I think it’ll be good for us to get our feet wet a little bit with the under-card and then plunge into the main event.

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