Coop talks Trump with Seth Meyers

Speaking of Donald Trump, Anderson Cooper appeared on Seth Meyers’ late night show last night and Meyers pointed out that Cooper interviewed Trump face-to-face, referencing Trump’s many phone interviews (such that he does with CNN Tonight‘s Don Lemon).

Of their two interviews, Cooper said, “I’m only allowed in the lobby of the Trump Tower, I actually interview him at the bar of the Trump Tower, which I think serves a dual purpose: one, it’s like a free ad for Trump Tower […] and also large crowds gather, and after you’re done interviewing, […] he came back, took me, introduced me to the crowd, I’m like, yeah, we’re done, I gotta go, and he came back with three people from the crowd, ‘They’re from South America – they like me!'”

Later on, Cooper revealed he actually likes interviewing Trump. “My job is, I take all candidates seriously. I actually like talking to Trump — I like interviewing him. It’s a rare you talk to a politician that doesn’t come with a huge entourage; ironically, Trump does not, he just kind of shows up — into the lobby of his own building, admittedly.”

Of Trump’s prolific tweeting, Cooper referenced a time he taped an interview with Trump on AC360 with Trump, and he explained that while the interview was airing, Trump was tweeting away. “I aired an interview with him that went on for 40 minutes – he was tweeting about the interview while it was airing, and then I had a guest on right after who had written a book about Trump, who Trump hates, and Trump was tweeting about the guest while he was on, ‘That guy knows nothing… he’s a loser!'”

Meyers joked, “He’s definitely taken the edge off of ‘loser,’ because at some point, you look at who he’s called ‘losers,’ and it’s great company.”

(H/t Wall Street Journal)

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