Fired CNN reporter Karl Penhaul challenges Trump adviser Roger Stone over CNN “quota hires”

Former CNN international correspondent Karl Penhaul, who tweeted a series of things about Donald Trump that subsequently led CNN to firing him, called out Trump adviser Roger Stone on Twitter last night.

Stone has been criticized for calling former CNN commentator Roland Martin and current CNN political commentator Ana Navarro “quota hires,” implying that the network only hired them to check off some minority boxes (African American and a Latina).

In a tweet to Navarro, Penhaul said that he hoped CNN would “publicly [back] talented…multiethnic workforce”:

After a series of tweets calling him a “racist,” Stone replied to Penhaul:

To which Penhaul retorted:

Stone ended the conversation by calling Penhaul a “nobody”:

When Penhaul pressed again for specifics, he received no response:

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  1. Can you imagine a guy who has brought front line news to CNN at a risk often to his own life gets sacked because he calls his boss’s mate an idiot on twitter, I think mr TD proved this himself he has no manners or etiquette whatsoever

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